About the Goulburn Strikers

The Goulburn Strikers were founded in late 2001 to offer the Southern Tablelands most talented players the opportunity to play at a higher level while representing their hometown.

In 2002, under the Southern Tablelands Football Association (STFA) banner, the Strikers started competing, entering two senior teams (Fist Grade and Reserves Grade) in the ACT State League. Soon the Strikers went from being easy beaters to become a regional football force.

In 2003 the Strikers became the ACT State League Division 2 Champions and were promoted to Division 1.

In 2005 the Strikers and the STFA ratified their commitment to access the prestigious ACT Premier League within a five years.

As time went on and the Strikers became more successful it was soon obvious that a development program was necessary and in 2007, with the full support of the STFA, the club entered an Under 18s and an Under 16s squad in the ACT Junior League.
Also in 2007 the Strikers were ACT League Division 1 Runners up.

In 2008 the Strikers became the undefeated ACT State League Division 1 Champions.
The club’s development program also proved to be of the highest quality as in the same year the Strikers Under 18?s became ACT Junior League Division 1 Premiers and the Under 16?s were the undefeated NSW Southern Branch Champions as well as the ACT Junior League Division 1 Premiers.

In 2009 the Strikers were ACT League Division 1 Runners up and for the first time ever, the Strikers made it through to the ACT Federation Cup Quarter Finals, showing to be already competitive at Premier League level.
Also in 2009 the Strikers for the first time entered the NSW Tiger Turf Cup reaching the third round. In the process the Strikers knocked out clubs such as NSW Super League giants Macarthur Rams.
In the same year the Strikers Under 18s were back-to-back ACT Junior League Division 1 Premiers, while the Under 16s were Runners up in their Division.
Later in 2009 the Strikers applied to for a three-year Premier League licence and were successful in gaining access in the in 2010.

In 2010 The Goulburn Strikers reached the Final of the ACT Federation Cup losing out to Canberra FC (2 – 3).



The purpose of the Goulburn Strikers Football Club is to provide a supportive environment or members to develop and mature through football  participation as players, coaches, administrators and supporters.

Goulburn Strikers Football Club will remain a League leader in the football community, looking to build a reputation for excellent coach and player development and effective club administration.

Football will be coached, played and supported in accordance with the spirit of the game, represented by fair play and sportsmanship.
Coaches will be supported to create and maintain a positive learning environment during training and games, demonstrated by an educational focus, calm player instruction and an emphasis on participation.

Success will be measured through resulting improvements in football performance, not just game outcomes.

The members of Goulburn Strikers Football Club have a reputation for being inclusive and welcoming. We do not support a ?win at all costs? philosophy ? participation, learning and enjoyment of the game are priorities.
We value:

  • Respect for teammates, opposition players, coaches and officials.
  • Fair play according to the rules and spirit of sportsmanship.
  • Education for coaches, players and administrators in a supportive team environment.
  • A culture of mature, responsible behaviour at all levels.

To be a league leader in relation to junior development, with benchmark measures in place at GSFC in all aspects of coaching and junior development, refereeing and club administration.

Provision for all coaches, players, administrators and referees at the club to have an opportunity to develop their potential.
To continue to promote the positive culture and leadership that is present at GSFC.

Keen to promote as a strong community value our stance on non-violent behaviour and positive role modelling for young people.